Need Help Booking Your Appointment?

**Online booking available for in studio sessions only


- Go to and click on ‘Book an Appointment’ at the top of the 



- Scroll down and click the ‘Book Appointment’ button at the bottom of the page.


- Scroll down, and click on the service of your choice.


- Available dates have a circle around them.  Select the date of your appointment by clicking 

  any date that has a circle around it.


- Scroll down to see available times for that date, and click the desired time of your 



- Enter your phone number in the field.  There will be a prompt that says ‘It looks like you’ve 

   booked with square appointments before.  Request a code via text to sign in’.  Here, you have 

   two options.  One, click ‘Request Code’.  Two ‘Continue as Guest’.  There is no need to   

   request a code.  If you click ‘Request Code’, you will receive a text message with a code to 

   enter in that field, and your information will be automatically added. Otherwise, click the ‘

   Continue as Guest’ button and enter your information into the fields.  


- Click ‘Book Appointment’ at the bottom of the page.


- You should then see that your appointment has been received and is under review, and also 

   be notified of that by email and text message.  


- Your appointment will soon be confirmed, and you will then receive that notification by email

   And text message, too.


- If you are booking an appointment that has not already been purchased, you will receive an 

   email and text message inquiring about payment.  You will be then be invoiced according to 

   your choice of Service or Bundle.